HIHETCH brings together an incomparable quality of service and expertise in the specialized plumbing & electrical engineering sector. Our strong collaborations and expertise allow us to provide you absolute satisfying services in this field. Eye for latest proven technologies like MLC piping , premium PVC, DHP, and substantial quality differentiates us from others. Our assurance is our product & service, Our motivation is voice of satisfied customers. Over 50,000 Sq.Ft finished projects echoes the voice of the quality of services we provided synonymously and we thrive to implement excel the quality better than today.

  • Certainty and Security
  • Timely completion
  • Professional & Skilled Manpower
  • Excellence in quality
  • Value for Money

Our Partnership & Collaboration

We are collaborated with Jindal Group, the largest manufacturer of ERW Pipes in India, has well-diversified into modern piping technologies The strength of ‘Jindal’, a name synonymous with quality and reliability, lies into the world class manufacturing technologies and an endless list of satisfied customers. The D.S. Jindal group now brings to you finest products in the latest piping technologies for Plumbing and supply of Compressed Air and Inert Gases, Residential Gas, Oxygen and other Medical Gases, Radiant Cooling and Heating Applications.